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Wedding Emergency Kits by Mojuba — She’s Gone Country

Bridal Musings. Yes, I used the Americanism.

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Hair down Style hair poker straight or add waves for a more boho feel and why not add cute hair accessories! Elizabeth is the founder of Bridal Musings.


She fell head over heels for weddings in when she married the love of her life. A few of her favourite things include: lace, peonies, travelling, yoga and Haribo cherries.

She's Gone CRAZY !!!

September 21, Comments. Looking For More Wedding Ideas? I was genuinely excited about the baby. The problems apparently began with the wedding shower. After the soon-to-be bride set a date for May and sent out invites, the pregnant sister-in-law made a shocking decision.

Bridal Train

Things somehow got even worse. Then his grandparents, his three aunts and two uncles and several cousins all said they wanted to be at the hospital for the baby. This family is incredibly close-knit and babies are a big deal for them. Then a bunch of their family friends got wind that these relatives weren't attending and backed out as well.

Apparently, the sister-in-law had other options recommended to her by her doctor for the date of the C-section, but she chose to have it on the same day as the wedding. When her sister-in-law asked if everything was ok, the bride said she admitted she was upset. Not sure how I would feel about the c section.

Nearly two years after Wilbanks ran away, the incident was used by the Albuquerque Police Department as a means of attracting new recruits to the police force.

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Call APD Recruiting" followed by the police department's telephone number. Hoffman was the officer who was pictured in the media leading Wilbanks through Albuquerque International Sunport after being taken into custody. The Police Department's reasoning for using the image was the fact that many people would recognize the reference to the incident and that people still talked about the incident.

A photo of Wilbanks appears in the trailer of the movie about professional poker, The Grand , as one of the many women Woody Harrelson 's character has been married to in the past. Wilbanks' case is frequently used as an example, in both scholarly and popular articles and books.

Extreme demands aren't unusual

In Psychology Today wrote an article about Cold feet that cited Wilbanks as an example. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  4. The case of Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, who faked a kidnapping to avoid a wedding. Retrieved Lots of brides are overwhelmed with wedding preparations.

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    And considering Wilbanks' nuptials were to be a guest affair at the lavish Atlanta Athletic Club, complete with 28 bridal attendants, well, it's understandable, right? Washington Post. WSB TV. March 19, Archived from the original on March 20, May 26,