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Warner Bros. VP of product management.

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The dip's video was directed by Matt Mahurin. We thought it was a good opportunity to get press on the album and launch the track off of the excitement of his induction. We've always been sup- portive of him, no matter w'hat we're ck ing. There have been tentative discussions of a co- headlining amphitheater tour this sum- mer with the Pretenders. The song came to Reed as he was walking down the street "So I said. I ought to write this down, quick! Robert Dole. Nothing could disgust me more, and I personally wish Time Warner had released 3, gangster rap albums.

In Spain, he was voted tlie most influential artist to musicians this year in a Span- ish newsiaijer. Ger- man. French, and. Reed will undertake a promotional tour in Europe the first two weeks of February; A headlining Continental tour will begin in April. For both the U. The band formed in Washington, D. GvsB's greatest marketplace pres- ence to date has come from the throbbing single "Kill The Sexplay- er" from "Cruise Yourself," particu- larly after its placement on the soundtrack to the film "Clerks.

But we love Girls Against Boys, and we're doing every- album stand out at retail. The jewel box will be midnight blue, so dark that the CD booklet will not be readable thi'ough the box.

Four By The Beatles Show (The Best Of The Beatles Show Book 4)

A sucker on the front will iden- tify the artist and album name. A bar- code sticker will be attached to the back. Tower Recortls' Devin ckies not feel the package will cause confusion. Girls scream at their shows. The rest of April and May takes the band on a U. In the early summer, the group will play European festivals, with the remainder of the summer and fall seeing the band play more dates in the States.

Paul McCartney says all the Beatles were "Lennon fans" & says John undoubtedly had the sharpest wit.

GvsB are booked in the U. For Europe, tour arrangements are coordinated by Dekonk. Touch And Go plans multiple sin- gles from "House Of GvsB," w ith the deceptively straightforward "Wilm- ington" as the probable second release. But it's still festive — like the song says, it's the kind of music you like. When an album reaches any of these levels, the album and the artist's subMQuent albums are immediately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart. As Food Fetish.

Cibo Matto s off-kilter Warner Bros, debut, "Viva!

Washington, DC Art News

La Woman," is finally upon us. The Japan- ese duo. Details, and Inter- view. A tour is in the works. Andrew Kronfeld, VP of mar- keting at Island,. However, some dates will be at tradi- tional rock clubs. The five- to six-week tour w' ill he Friday's most extensire trek across America to date, and Island's latest marketing efforts are more than the laljel has ever done for him. Friday will visit radio sta- tions during the lour.

Kronfeld is doing some pretour marketing by dis- tributing match- books, fliers, and cassette samplers in coffeeshops. Kronfeld admits that for Friday's last album. This time, however. Island plans to set up college radio and clubs with the full album and the emphasis track, "You, Me And The World War Three," before focusing on modern rock radio.

The New York-based punk- pop outfit embarks on a nationwide club lour in eady March. MyiWul Mina 01 Mytl. Spauhoc Resident Alien B. The band is from the Memphis suburb of Southaven, Miss. An Internet mar- keting a. The label is marketing directly to hard rock fan. PC Music is offering these fans, via E- mail, a free cassette sampler featuring ' Another Society and labelmates Jack Johnson, a band from Murfreesboro. Dooley says the label receh-ed responses in two days from its online efforts. Tapes with one full song from each band, plus snippets of four songs from each, are mailed to those responding, along with information on the bwds and a mail-order form to purchase their full-length albums.

The two scat the famous Big Mac jingle. The ad Living In Paradlze. Boyz Of Paradlze are healing up in Hawaii, where sales of "B.

Let the Trumpet Sound A Life of Martin Luther King Jr Stephen B Oates 9780060924737 Books Reviews

The band will appear on "Soul Train" in March. Silas Records president Louil Silas Jr. According to Pbwell, the most chal- lenging aspect of producing the album was flmling and creating the right songs. In addition, long- time Warner Bros, black-music sales VP Earl Jordan will become acting head of the black-music division in the absence of senior VP Denise Brown, who is on maternity leave.

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The effective date of the changes is Monday Kirkland Burke, who previously worked for 20 years at Warner Bros. In related news, promotion manag- er Trupiedo Crump will work the new Carolinas and Florida region, and Hilda Williams was upped to promo- tion senior national director. Promotion VP Ardcnia Brown, who will continue to head the department, says. We've been known for being a sort of family, and these moves help our return to that doctrine.

Chellc Scabron and Michael Tolbert remain as West Coast regional pro- motion manager and Southwest regional promotion manager, respec- tively. Nat Martin maintains his post as mid-Atlantic regional manager; he is the only staffer who was not original- ly at Warner Bros, prior to the start of Brown's regime last spring Billboaitl, April 8, The Rhythm Section column will lie on hiatus until Bapti. Silas sair-s, "The feedliack from those sessions caused us to go hack ami change the track sequencing and tweak the mi.

According to Badami, the fast-paced program will fea- ture performances by young lal el talent and will include an unsigned-artist segment in which bands compete for prizes. Several major labels have already committed their artists to the show, which is currently clearing stations across the country.

To boost the show's visibility, Badami will have a celebrity booth at the uiK-om- ing National Assn. With the exception of "Soul Train. Reynolds Yeofi, a British vocalist whose yet-to-be-titled album is scheduled for release in May. Xavier is another promising artist, whose recently released self-titled Interscope album features bouncy uptempo grooN'Cs and melodic acoustic ballads, supported by the singer's distinct first tenor timbre.

Back at Rap-A-Lot. The release will also tout the reunion of P. Funk cohorts Bernie Wor- rell and Bootsy Collins.

Piotrowski books | Searchub

It's been 10 years since the fel- las collaborated on a recording. In addition to such hit favorites as the sexy, sensuous ballad "Everything," the bouncy dance- to track "Friends," and the No. The album will hit stores Feb. Meanwhile, on Feb. The tnick collection delirers fiN-e remixes from the group's "Broth- er Sister" set and import cuts not available in the U.

Heavy fans should also keep watch for its all-new album, sched- uled for release later this year. The album's catchy music has an easy charm that should snare crossover and urban folk alike. AfasTA i.? RlQl iJ HH. NT K'ir. GlANI V. L -JEEF. TONY E. El-'-, 1 - 1 ' EE. E-M -INEl. AiEEl EI. E lE'i '. E' "E EEi lE.

Let the Trumpet Sound A Life of Martin Luther King Jr Stephen B Oates 9780060924737 Books

T Vinyl maxi-smgle avaiiabilily. It should haw no problem jumping to No. It is No. Pi'ior to that I spent four years managing the rap, jazz, gospel, ancl world music charts and helped create the reggae and blues charts. Now the time has come for me to make a big change, as I move cross- country to Uni Distribution's Universal City, Calif.