Fantasy Football for Smart People: The Preview Edition

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Finally, the quarterback QB position. I kicked off this series by covering which drills to pay attention to at the running back RB position. Next, I looked at wide receivers WR. In the last post, I covered tight ends TE. This piece looks at what we can learn from to….

Did you get it?

In the first piece of this series, I talked about what inspired me to look at NFL Combine data for fantasy football. I also looked at the running back RB position. In the second piece, I covered wide receivers WR. This piece will take a look at the tight ends TE who have participated….

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In the first article on NFL Combine stats for fantasy football players to watch out for, I covered the running back position. Once again, I pulled this data from Pro-Football-Reference. I ended up serving as the start up Vampire. And those who are in Vampire Leagues of your own, I encourage you to share your teams and your stories!

I am a fan of the dynasty format, so I worked on a means of incorporating this into a dynasty league. The man rosters meant during the start up draft players would come off the board before the Vampire got to draft a team.

We created the league interface and encouraged all members to go with Vampire-themed team names. I went with Count Chocula. Then, during the season, in weekly match ups if the Vampire Team wins, they get to trade one of their players for a player of the same position on the opposing squad.

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In addition, we added a few basic rules to help give structure to the format. And, well, you know how that last one turned out. I was pick 12, meaning I got to spend a few days watching the other 11 teams conduct a slow draft. Then, on Saturday afternoon, the draft wrapped up and I was free to pick my squad.

Fantasy Football for Smart People: How to Cash in on the Future of the Game Summary PDF & Review

However, I only need to finish 11th to begin a turn around. The selection of QBs and TEs was fairly robust. I snagged two of each, and will hope to play some match ups. Big Ben definitely presented a potential top veteran performer though I was tempted to go with Alex Smith. Meanwhile, being dynasty, I wanted to snag a younger QB.

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I think Trubisky, now playing in an offense from Matt Nagy, could be poised to take a leap. I felt like it was worth the grab. At TE, there were a number of lower-end TE2 options. Clay feels like someone who could provide a safe weekly floor, while I saw Ebron as a guy that, if it breaks right, could be a big performer with Andrew Luck in Indianapolis.

What fantasy football games are there to play?

Running Back was the most difficult group, as those tend to go fast, especially in dynasty. There were a lot of hope and prayer options, but I decided to go with just four guys and watch the pre-season, and waivers, to see if I can find a diamond in the rough. Finally, WR was a place where I really tried to give myself some options. My best hope is for a guy that can break big in a given week and help put me over the top.

The WRs I took all have a chance to have a meaningful role with their team.

Matthews has an opportunity for a depleted Patriots WR corps, especially with Julian Edelman out for the first four weeks. Richardson was a hot free agent signing for the Redskins, and Lockett seems poised to take a bigger role in Seattle.

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For the last two spots I went with Williams and Enunwa.