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  1. Theosophical World Resources
  2. The Growth of Telepathic Rapport
  3. Study & discussion of the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky & William Q. Judge
  4. the four etheric fields
  5. The Etheric Academy

As was said in the article How to successfully study the Teachings of H. Blavatsky :. Their teachings are an entirely different system with entirely different focus, aims, objectives, and terminology to that of the original Theosophy. This is a proven and undeniable fact which has been shown and demonstrated in depth, point by point, in some of our articles. It is also a fact that the human mind cannot hold to two contradictory understandings or perceptions of something at one and the same time. Thus it is essential, if you want to stand any chance of comprehending the teachings of HPB, to unlearn those later teachings.

It just cannot be done. The differences are manifold and irreconcilable. And if you are not, then there is no point even bothering with HPB because it will be little more than a waste of your time. Also of serious significance is the unfortunate fact that the numbering of the Principles and Planes was reversed by Leadbeater.

Finally, as unsavoury and unpleasant as it is, it is still necessary for the sake of Truth to inform or remind the reader of a few proven facts which are common knowledge despite ongoing unsuccessful attempts by certain members of the Adyar Theosophical Society to suppress or dismiss them.

He left the Theosophical Society in disgrace but was later shockingly readmitted and raised to a place of prominence by Annie Besant. The Liberal Catholic Church, which Leadbeater co-founded with Bishop James Wedgwood, very quickly attracted attention for all the wrong reasons, when it emerged that many of the priests were much more interested in young boys than in spiritual matters.

Wedgwood himself seemed unconcerned about his reputation and made little attempt to hide the fact of his own disgusting liaisons with boys in his care and was even publicly arrested on several occasions for indecent and obscene behaviour in public. Upon his death, one Theosophist aptly remarked that Leadbeater had singlehandedly destroyed the Theosophical Movement. And this is the man who claimed to have discovered the etheric body, alongside many other things, which all unfailingly contradicted the teachings of original Theosophy.

People are of course well within their rights to close their eyes to the facts or to dismiss such things as irrelevant although quite how they can do this without searing their own conscience is something of a mystery but once presented with such information they no longer have any grounds on which to express annoyance, confusion, or frustration at other Theosophists for being unwilling or hesitant about giving friendship, co-operation, or support in their endeavours.

The article The Case against C. Some of its main points are summarised in The Unavoidable Facts about C. There is nothing slanderous or libellous in what we have said. We could have responded by saying that we feel equally ashamed and disgusted that those calling themselves Theosophists still attempt to defend, promote, and venerate this man, let alone study his teachings and those which are based on them.

It is nigh time to winnow our corn and cast away the chaff. This article has hopefully been a much needed step in that direction but there are still many more steps to be taken. A general misunderstanding and misconception still prevails, however, as to what Theosophy is.

Theosophical World Resources

Such an idea is a real depreciation and distortion of true Theosophy. For those who may wish to understand better why we say this, the article Theosophy: The Ancient Wisdom will help to make things clearer. Wanting to go to the original source, I decided to see how HPB herself had defined it and was stunned to realise through my research that she did not originate the concept and never even spoke of an etheric body but only an astral one.

Fairies 2. Farthing, G 8. Globes 4. Harry Potter 2. Healing 2. Hodson, G HPB and her Writings 2. Initiation 3. Jinarajadasa, CJ Judge, WQ 7.

The Growth of Telepathic Rapport

Karma Key to Theosophy 3. Krishnamurti, J Kundalini 2.

Kunz, Dora 3. Law of Karma 2. Leadbeater, CW Life After Death Lucifer 2.

Study & discussion of the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky & William Q. Judge

Mahatma Letters 7. Mahatmas Maori 3.

Chakras & the Etheric Body: Bart ten Berge

Masters 4. Mead, GR 5. Meditation Mehta, Rohit 6. Mehta, S 2. Mills, J Mind 2. Muller 2. Mystic 3. Nature 2. Near death experience 7. Occult Olcott, HS 9.

Past Lives 2. Philosophy 3. Pilgram 2. Poems 4.

the four etheric fields

Powell, AE 6. Quotes Ravindra, R 4. Reincarnation Religion There are seven chakras, or energy points, where this energy collects in the etheric body. Working with the chakras and these spiritual energies can play a big part in the psychic development and enlightenment of those sensitive enough to work on these levels. This book shows you how.

The Etheric Academy

This book is a compilation from 40 mainworks published between and and in view of their wide range and in view of their wide range and the painstaking view with which they were extracted The Etheric Double. H Prana or Vitality. The Spleen Centre.

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The Base op the Spine Centre.