Becoming an Ironman

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  1. Become A Stronger, Fitter Athlete In Less Time With Endurance Coaching
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  3. The non-physical challenges of Ironman training
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I was supposed to do 4 sets of 10 X yds. By yds. I was tired, hungry and bored. But I also trusted that Coach would not ask me to do something that truly exceeded my ability. So I continued swimming and reaching for that yd. By the time I hit yds. I started to get excited.

Become A Stronger, Fitter Athlete In Less Time With Endurance Coaching

Maybe I could do this! When I finished that workout, I felt unstoppable and on top of the world. I was infused with renewed confidence and pride. The people who supported me, friends, fellow athletes, family, and Coach , shared the journey with me. Honestly, I thought the training was going to be more time consuming.

I had pre-conceived notions about what the training was going to involve, time wise, and assumed that every spare minute of every day was going to be filled with training. Weekends were a little busier, but really not all that time consuming until the last couple of months before IM. Until then, I was able to complete my prescribed training and still be home by late morning to have the rest of the day to spend with family.

And, I usually had one complete day off from training per week. OMG, no! There were times when I felt on top of the world…fired up and confident in my ability to do anything.

Becoming an Ironman

There were plenty of days when all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a pint or two of ice cream and a good book, and skip that swim. Many times I found myself completely overwhelmed with self doubt and discouragement. For me, the key to overcoming those waning periods was to be brutally honest with myself, athlete friends, and Coach. I came to learn that during those times when I lacked motivation or was feeling completely discouraged it was really important to:.

Sometimes just talking about it helped to renew my perspective. Other times, it was a good kick in the butt from Coach or a friend that got me out the door and back on track. Sometimes I simply dragged myself, kicking and screaming, out the door to do what needed to be done, regardless of how unmotivated or discouraged I felt. I knew that if I made it to the start line, I would finish. It still seemed surreal to me. I finished!

What It Takes To Be An Ironman

The irony is that I did best in the swim, which was my weakest sport and the one I feared the most. I was in a collision on the bike early in the race and sustained an injury to my wrist and arm. But because of the work I did with Coach prior to the race, I was able to implement my race plan and keep moving forward. It was hard. It was painful. It was a hour-relentless-pursuit-of-forward. But I finished! Definitely one of the most powerful and amazing experiences of my life. Finishing Ironman Lake Placid has gifted me with a profound sense of knowing that no matter what comes my way, I have the strength and courage to persevere, to adapt and overcome.

Becoming an Ironman: The Training Experience.

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  3. Becoming an Ironman.
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Here is the inside scoop on what it takes to become an Ironman as well as what it is like to have a qualified coach with your best interests in mind through the process. Give us a little insight into your background. Prior to completing Ironman Lake Placid, I had never run a marathon. What made you decide to become an Ironman? How did the training process differ from your expectations?

What were some of the hardest moments of your Ironman training journey?

Ironman Mode | Old School RuneScape Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What did you enjoy the most during the training process? I thought she had completely lost her marbles!

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  • But I gave it a shot. You have a very busy life. How were you able to fit in all of the training? Did you feel confident, highly motivated and encouraged the entire training period? Rolling into Madison and onto the helix was a welcome sight because being part of the MCIS Crew my fellow athletes will understand that one I was ecstatic to get off the bike and run. Thanks, Jeff, for appearing out of nowhere as I sat down! You kept me motivated and smiling. Manage the bike power correctly and the run will be yours to have. Again I listened and got off the bike exactly where my power needed to be.

    I got off the bike and to the run fully fueled for the challenge ahead. Thanks much, Laurie. By closely following our bike pacing and nutrition plan, I can honestly say that the run went without major incident. I had the legs, the stamina, and the mental toughness to work through the small issues to accomplish the one goal I had going into the race, besides finishing under the cutoff, and that was do a sub marathon.

    As I passed the mile marker I just started running, passing a slew of athletes that had passed me earlier and never stopped until I crossed the finish line. There was almost no sensation of pain or even running but the ground was moving at a pace that amazed me. So I told my mind to just shut up and ride the wave for as long as it was there. This wave took me all the way to the finish line. This experience is a testament to the personal training plan that Coach Joe puts forth for those doing the Ironman, the respect he endows upon you for the Ironman distance during those days, and the support from my wife Cheryl.

    I knew who and what was waiting for me at the end of this part of the journey. There is no better feeling or any way to describe the feeling of turning the corner to the finish line at Ironman Wisconsin with the capitol building, lit up in all its glory, in the background.

    The non-physical challenges of Ironman training

    My first conscious thought as I made that turn to finish was seeing Sherri, Larry, Tyler, and the rest of the Cheer Crew stationed right at the corner cheering me on with the finish line looming ahead. Standing next to her with somewhat of the same look were Cathy B. As I crossed the finish line with my arms held high, I was overwhelmed with the entire day and how well I felt after on the course. There were plenty of pictures to be taken and cherished as this moment was realized. Since I was little unsteady on my feet, Cheryl gingerly ushered me quickly to my pizza and chocolate milk to get some much-needed calories and protein in me and to relish what I had just accomplished. Watching other athletes finish, knowing what they have been through, never ceases to bring tears to my eyes for their accomplishment. Spring session open for registration. So, you want to run a spring half marathon?

    Becoming an Ironman: The WHY That Changed Me (2 of 4)

    February 6 and March 13 The Indoor Triathlon presented The Indoor Time Trial Series offers great off-season competitive bike racing. Riders race on An evening of fun with the ET crew! It's not all about training and racing The decision to compete in the Disney marathon was made months before Interval based running class for all abilities!

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