Everything you need to know about rock climbing

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  1. A beginner's guide to rock climbing.
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Rock Climbing In Aruba – climbing
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  4. The 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go Rock Climbing
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That being said, both shoes edge and toe very well, and will get you up anything Crazy Horse throws at you. My pick for Crazy Horse would be a GriGri 2 or some other type of sport climbing specific gear. This article covers the 4 most common methods. The van leaves everyday from this location at am, am, pm and pm. They return every day from the hot springs at am, am, pm, and pm.

The hot spring is located about 10 minutes past the Crazy Horse Buttress. You can stand on the side of the road and flag the bus down, which will normally work if there is space in the van. Updated information can be found on their Facebook page. The songtaews only run on days when there are enough people, so make sure to call at least a day ahead and reserve your spot. The cost is baht a person, round trip. Lunch can be purchased ahead of time for a cost of 75 Baht.


Booking information can be found here. Both Uber and Grabtaxi rideshare apps are very popular in Thailand and work super well. This is probably the fastest, easiest and most convenient option to get to Crazy Horse. This, combined with the very busy roads and sometimes questionable driving habits of the locals makes this the most, um… adventurous option.

A beginner's guide to rock climbing.

Do so at your own risk. There are literally thousands of accommodation options available in Chiang Mai of every budget and style imaginable. If you want to stay within walking distance from the climbing however, Jira Homestay is your best option. Prices are baht a night for a dorm room, baht for a double room and baht a night for a private bungalow.

None have air conditioning unfortunately.

They also allow camping on the premises for about the same price as the dorm rooms. They have free drinking water, a communal fridge, wifi and even let you borrow their motorbikes for free to go to the local shops to stock up on supplies. In addition, they have huge portions of great food, which makes for a perfect way to end the day after climbing. Outside the cities it varies greatly, but it is still common to find reasonable Mbps internet.

Most of Thailand has strong 4G cell reception as well, so you can also plan on getting a SIM card in town and using that. In the case of Crazy Horse, Jira Homestay has a good wifi connection of around Mbps you can use.

Thailand has, for the most part, a very reliable power grid, especially in the cities. They have done an incredible job keeping the area to a very high bolting standard. The overwhelming majority, if not all at this point, of the bolts at Crazy Horse have now been equipped with titanium glue-ins. For those of you unfamiliar, titanium glue-ins are pretty much accepted worldwide as the strongest and longest lasting bolt in existence.

This is particularly true when referring to the highly corrosive conditions as seen in coastal areas such as Tonsai , where titanium bolts are the only acceptable material. The only critique I have of the bolting is that at times the routes are perhaps a bit overbolted!

Everything You Need to Know About Rock Climbing In Aruba – climbing

All this is to say, that bolt quality is the last thing you should be worried about when climbing Crazy Horse. This means that when Crazy Horse does re-open, there should be many new routes to choose from! The Crazy Horse guide book currently has over routes spread across nearly 20 crags. A digital version of the guide book can be downloaded here. The southern exposure means that it gets cooked with sun starting at about 11am.

This area has a nice range of easy to moderate climbs, making it a great place for just about any level. Expect to see hoards of guided tour groups here on the weekends. This is for sure the most popular crag at Crazy Horse, but also the most famous and iconic. Due to its midday shade and cooling breeze, it is very popular for people looking to cool off. There are only 7 climbs in the 5. A great beginner wall, with most of its climbs in the 5.

Before you go

Also has afternoon shade keeping things comfortable during hot days. The area even has a few cracks where you can throw in a hand jam or two. And absolute must-visit for anyone who climbs in the 5. Intensify 5. One of the latest crags to be developed at Crazy Horse, it offers a great range of sustained slightly to very overhung routes. The crag has all day shade, and some of the routes stay dry in the rain.

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The perfect activity when you need to rest after long days of climbing. Not only is it the second largest rock climbing area near Chiang Mai, it also has the third tallest mountain in Thailand, Doi Luang 2,m. Either way, please drop me a comment below and let me know! Hi, I'm Jacob! My mission is to help other people climb at the best places in the world by provided info not found anywhere else!

The 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go Rock Climbing

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In fact You can rest assured that this the best guide on rock climbing Crazy Horse that the internet has to offer. All of the routes at Crazy Horse are bolted. It is now possible that there are over routes at Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse has something for everyone!

Everything You Need to Know Before Joining a Rock Climbing Gym

Use your legs and let your arms dead hang until your next move, because tension in your arms will fatigue you quickly. Pull-ups aid your climbing strength, so you should spend more time on bodyweight exercise. No one cares about what you can bench or squat on a rock wall. Devote time to stretching before and after your climb. A route plan is essentially a cheat sheet that helps you to make a decision beforehand and keep track of your progress. Pick your route difficulty and assess the best way up.

If you've just stepped into rock climbing, this place is not to miss! Mentors are very friendly and helpful.